Monday, April 4, 2011

Hot Pink Smoothie

This is my new favorite breakfast!!  I found it from the Green Smoothie Girl. It really satisfies me and gives me great energy for the day.  The best part about it is that you can make it and store it in jars for up to four days in your refrigerator.  I know as a busy mom, I can really appreciate a healthy breakfast that is ready to go for me in the refrigerator :)  It makes me so happy!  The reason it makes me so happy is because it tates good, it's easy to make, it's fast, and it is the perfect blend of carbohydrates, fats, and protein.  I don't have any girls, but if I did, I am sure they would love the color of this smoothie!  I love that my little boys like it though because it's so nutritious!

Hot Pink Smoothie 
(This recipe is for a large Vita-Mix or Blend Tec container)

3 c. coconut water or water (coconut water is very hydrating and full of minerals)
7 prunes (dried plums) or dried dates
3/4 c. raw cashew pieces
2 medium carrots, peeled (cut up if using a smaller blender)
1/8-1/4 fresh peeled beet (peel and cut your beet up into eighths if it's a large beet about the size of your fist, or fourths if it’s a small beet and freeze in a Ziploc bag)
2 T. vanilla extract (only 1 T. if using extra strong pure vanilla)
2 T. protein powder (I like vanilla flavored hemp or rice protein)
15-20 or more strawberries, frozen (or 16 oz. bag)
Agave (to taste, I usually use about 2-4 T.)

Put the first 6 ingredients into the blender and blend until smooth.  Once the nuts are smooth and there are no more chunks, you can add the rest of the ingredients.  Add strawberries & water until the blender reaches the 8 c. mark.  It should make a full 8 cups.  Blend until smooth and add a little agave if needed.  Make sure to peel your carrots and beets so you don't have an odd taste from the skin.  If you need to add more water if it's too thick, just add until everything blends well.

I like to buy a couple of bunches of beets and peel, cut into quarters, and freeze them.  If your beets come with stems and leaves on them, you can use them in your green smoothies. 

These are two types of coconut liquid you can use.  The health food stores should have the coconut liquid.  If you want to use the coconut milk, you could always use the lite version for less fat.

 Make sure your nuts are RAW.  You don't want them roasted or salted.  You can find them at the health food store in bulk, or in bags like this one.  If you buy them as pieces and not whole, then they are cheaper.  Just make sure they are RAW.

After I am done, I pour them into my four jars and I'm ready for breakfast for the week!  The GSG reccommends drinking 4 c. of smoothie a day for breakfast but I only drink 2 c. (1 jar).  You can do what is best for you.  Bon Appetit!


  1. These are really yummy! Thanks for having one ready for me yesterday. Your the best.

  2. These sound good. I'll have to try it.

  3. Is that really 2 Tablespoons or should it be 2 teaspoons?

  4. Yes Andrea, it is 2 Tablespoons, but that is for a whole Vitamix container full. I know it sounds like a lot. You can always use less, especially if you are using the good Mexican vanilla. I find that it's much stronger, so you don't need that much. Just try a tablespoon and see what you think.
    I am sorry I haven't responded about the children's lunches yet. I have been so busy. I hope to soon.

    1. take your time on the lunches. no pressure :) I've been coming up with some little ideas in the meantime!