Thursday, August 16, 2012

Big Bowl Breakfast

This recipe is adapted from "The Engine 2 Diet" book called "Rip's Big Bowl."  It is SUCH a filling breakfast.  When you eat a bowl of this loaded with fresh berries, bananas, or any fruit on top, you will be full for HOURS!  Promise.  It's my new favorite breakfast.

One morning my sister and I had a bowl together and I had already had a smoothie, so I wasn't very hungry.  I didn't finish mine because I was so full, and as we sat and talked, I watched my bowl expand and grow to twice it's size as the grains all soaked up the almond milk.  It was eye opening to me because it made me realize that it's doing that in my stomach as well, and that's probably why I don't get hungry in the mornings at all when I eat it!  It's full of whole grains & goodness!

Big Bowl Breakfast
2 c. rolled oats, raw
2 c. Grape Nuts or Ezekiel brand equivalent
2 c. Kashi cinnamon or island vanilla shredded wheat squares
2 c. Oatmeal Squares or Uncle Sam Cereal
1/4 - 1/2 c. ground flaxseed meal
1/2 c. raisins or golden raisins (you can omit the raisins if you are using fresh fruit)
1/2 c. nuts, raw (walnuts or almonds are my preference)

I assemble all these ingredients in a large Ziploc bag or a cereal container if you have one, shake them up all together and you're ready to go!  Just pour desired amount in a bowl and add your favorite milk substitute (almond, rice, & coconut are my recommendations) & fresh fruit (I prefer any berry, especially blueberries & bananas).  Coconut is higher in fat so if you're watching your fat calories, then go with rice or almond.  If you are just starting to use milk substitutes I would recommend getting the vanilla versions or the sweetened versions, but if you're trying to cut calories & sugar, get the unsweetened versions.  My kids favorite is coconut, vanilla flavored, because it's very sweet and I don't mind the extra fat because they could use it! I have very skinny boys.

Tip:  My husband loves to take this with him while traveling.  He buys a bowl of fruit at the airport or the grocery store and throws it in with this dry mix and eats it just like that.  No milk or anything.  You can even use water if you'd like.   One of my boys loves this mix and I think it's a great breakfast if you can get your kids to eat it because it will help them focus at school with a full belly!